Frequently Asked Questions

How can my child take art classes?

Please let your nurse or the Child Life Director know that you are interested in art classes when they are available.

How can I take classes?

Art Play Studio is presently at the Augusta University Medical Center on Wednesdays. Please let you nurse know you are interested in taking some classes.

What kinds of things will I be making with Art Play Studio?

Art Play Studio would like for your experiences in art making to be joyful. You might suggest some art making choices, but if you are open to 2D or 3D artmaking, we are available for drawing, painting and some sculpture topics.

Children will have planned art activities that range from crayons, to painting, to sculpture. See the class schedule for planned activities.

Will I be able to talk more than one class?

Yes, if you hospital stay include days that Art Play Studio has planned classes, you may take as many classes as you want.